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    永发缝配批发中心是中国缝制机械协会理事单位,东阳市个私企协会副会长单位,东阳市企业信用促进会副会长单位,东阳市新联会副会长单位,东阳市缝制械协会副会长单位。是一家集生产与贸易为一体的缝配专业批发公司,汇集了各种国内外机型的缝纫机 零配件达5万多种,代理、经销百家之精品,大洋电剪、凯斯曼电 剪总代理。

    永准“YONGZHUN”品牌以“高品质、超价值”直得行业市 场,创造了更大的商业价值。通过“敬业、诚信、团队、创新” 的企业精神,公司荣获2D10年由中国缝制机械协会评定为首届缝 制行业经销商全国54强称号,在2012年再次荣获中国缝制机械行> 业经销商全国5U强,创建了国际商业品牌。

    二十年来,公司一直秉承以“诚信与品质并重”的经营理念, 不断创新、引领市场趋势,以电脑信息化管理为中心,运用“及时、 专业、亲切”的方式,达到“精、快、准”为全球客户提供完美星 级服务,共同为缝配行业稳定、和谐发展而奋斗!     永无止境,发展创新,缝世界经纬,配天下良机! 


YongFa Sewing Machine Parts Wholesale Distribution Center is a professional company specializing in both production and trade. It provides up to more than 50,000 domestic and foreign models of sewing machine parts,
which includes the best products from various producers and hundreds of famous brands. For example, it is the chief distributor of Dayang Electrical Scissors. YongFa is therefore an outstanding company in the industry. Schmentz needle(yong fa) sales and service center.
Yongzhun is a brand well received in the market due to its strategy of "high quality and high availability". It has won high regards from clients from home and abroad by "comprehensive product line with superior quality" and hasachieved great commercial value. In the year 2010, the company was listed as the 50 best distributors in the industry by China Sewing Mechanic Committee, the first list of its kind in the industry. Now the company is focusing on developing its international competence.
The company has been adhering to the principle of "integrity and quality are of the priority"in the past decade and has been successful in creating market demands and trends. Its management is computerized and is "timely, professional and friendly" and ensures "professional, speedy and accurate" services for clients around the world. It will continue its efforts to enhance the harmonious development of the industry. Continuous innovation for development, Sewing the world together and discover good opportunities!